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Thursday, December 02, 2004

IRAQ THE MODEL Has a First Person Account

IRAQ THE MODEL This post from IRAQ THE MODEL is past words. I salute you, Mohammed. Go read the post : Securing Death Road. I promise you, you won't regret it, and I won't spoil it by splitting it up. He doesn't have it linked separately; so, you will just have to go look at the blog. Right now it's on top.

France to Crack Down on Hezbollah Station...Finally

Haaretz - Israel News - Article Chalk one up for the good guys! They are slow in France, but it looks as if they figured out that Hezbollah is just not a group they want to sing with. Finally, some sane news out of France.

U.S. right to use force challenged in U.N. report

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: U.S. right to use force challenged in U.N. report I posted on this last night, but I just picked this up over at Powerline, and it is so infuriating that it deserved another mention. I just want to scream! Not a Dean scream. More like a "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" scream! I am SO fed up with the UN. We will not have to pass Kerry's or the UN's Global Test to defend ourselves. What unmitigated gaul they have.


THE MESOPOTAMIAN He is OK! Alaa has been gone since fighting broke out close to him on November 14! He gave us an urgent message to get the word out...and then nobody heard from him again. I checked back in almost every day...and today he says "I am safe and well. Been rather busy lately. Will be back blogging soon 'inshallah." Hooray!!! Something has happened to his blog, though. All the comment places are just ...gone! So, I will use my blog to comment on his: Welcome back. We were not about to give up on you. Now we are waiting to hear some good stories! ....If you do not know Alaa, you are really missing something. Go read his archives at The Messopotamian.

Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe - The Night Light for Tonight

Jihad Watch: Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe I can't go to sleep anymore without checking in on Jihad watch. It would be nice to go there once and find nothing new reminder of what it means to live in a post 9/11 world. But then, that is where we do live...and when. And so, I thank Robert Spencer for his knowledge and his undaunting will that keeps him, and hopefully the rest of us, squarely on target. I am one of those people who turns the lights on downstairs upon hearing a noise in the night - just to make sure it is only a squirrel in the bird feeder. Spencer at Jihad and Dhimmi Watch turns the light on every night to expose the face of our enemy...If we fail in our will, or our War on terror, it will not be because Jihad Watch let us down. We cannot be caught offguard if we just have enough sense, and stamina, to pay attention and stay informed! So, click on the article and read the link for the night: Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe.

Japanese Leader Warns of Regime Change In North Korea

QandO Blog - Is it regime change time in North Korea? qando asks "Is it Regime Chance Time in North Korea? The questions keep coming and the puzzle pieces keep fitting. According to the qando post, today the leader of Japan's governing party warned about regime change in North Korea. A politician does not go into those deep waters without good reason. As we have been posting, many North Korean generals have been defecting. Now we hear that the defectors number about 10 percent of the regime's generals. Also, new in the qando piece is that in May a Lieutenant General O Se Ok (? what about that name?) left North Korea by boat, then was transferred to a Japanese boat in the Sea of Japan. Eventually O Se Ok found his way here to America. Reportedly the general's father, O Kuk Ryol, was ranked second on the Central Military Commission, after Kim, at the time. Such a high level defection was shocking to the North Koreans...There is further speculation (as we wrote over the last day or so) that China is devising a plan for a time post Kim. Obviously, from the statement today, the Japanese are also mulling over the possibility of Kim's regime's demise... very seriously....seriously enough to go public with the thought. It seems fairly clear that Kim is in the midst of the fight of his life, either figuratively or perhaps even literally...The question is: How far has the power struggle gone and WHO are the players... will Kim survive? The linked article is certainly worth reading....I was not yet able to see the quote from the Japanese politicain, but it certainly fits.. Puzzle pieces fill the picture in...given time.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

IAEA Seeks Access to Military Sites In Iran

The Agonist | thoughtful, global, timely El Baradi is slow as usual and expects the going to be even slower. The two military sites that we NEED the inspectors to see, need to be seen before they can be cleaned up. Good article from The AGONIST follows...

Al Jazeera My Foot!

The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily Did you know that we love Al Jazeera here in the US? According to a Doha dateline, "The ground-breaking Al Jazeera Channel has won trust of at least four million Americans and Europeans who reported to have praised its coverage..." This totally unbiased article goes on to say "..the majority of the viewers in the US and Europe were arguing that the western media has lost its credibility in the rest of the world by harping too much on the September 11 attacks and joining the 'war on terrorism' launched by the US." To cap these lies off, the article winds down with "..Al Jazeera has become relieable source of information for millions of westerners who consider it as accurate source of information." What!! Did I blink? Did Kerry win the election? Don't CNN and Al Jazeera still use the same bunk beds? I think the author of the newspaper article's tripe should take a look at the ratings on FOX, and then perhaps ...reassess!

Allawi Heading to Europe

The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily Prime Mininster Allawi is taking a European jaunt. He will be visiting Russia and Germany, but he is not going to go to France. No real news there, except that he is going to snub France. I like the sound of that...Snub France. Good Idea, Allawi.

The Evil Dr.s' Latest Rant Translated By MEMRI

MEMRI TV Al-Zawahiri's latest rant, courtesy of It doesn't say much, really, except that Zawahiri just does not like us! He also does not like the Jews. It also seems, according to the way the last part of the rant reads, that he does not like Arabs much either.

An Eye For Kim

YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS South Korea is investigating Lee to see if he spied for North Korea. He posed as a refugee and went through the procedures one would expect, getting to know safe houses, and how things work in general, when one successfully escapes the Kim regime. Supposedly, he then went back to North Korea and gave his report to Kim...Hopefully, if he did give information, it is no longer current and puts no one in danger who is trying to escape now.

Beam the Active Denial System, Scotty!

Report: Raytheon 'heat beam' weapon ready for Iraq - 2004-12-01 - Boston Business Journal "Fascinating," as Dr. Spock would say. Raytheon's heat beam, or the Active Denial System, is ready for Iraq. A prototype was sent there last month. It sounds like good crowd control. Check out the article and see what you think. It wasn't clear to me for how long this puts the person hit with it out of commission. It is certainly an interesting concept. Sounds good for police depts back here also.

Germany Cooperates Concerning Shadi Abdalla

International News Article | On the face of it, this sounds good: Germany is facillitating our using this terrorist criminal, Shadi Abdalla, to testify against Moussaoui. Sounds rational enough, right? But look at the article. It appears, at least from the journalists' take, that Germany is just helping us so that we will take this Abdalla off the United Nations terror sanctions list, on which he is currently posited as an "individual belonging to or associated with Al-Qaeda." He is said to have known Moussaoui in Afghanistan. So, why does Germany want his name off the list?

Heroes Killed By Car Bomb In Fallujah

The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper Army reservist Sgt Chris Engeldrum knew what he was fighting for and why. This fireman fron 9/11 would not want his death put above those of the other 2 soldiers who also were killed by the car bomb. All three of them are heroes as are all of our soldiers, fighting to keep us free - fighting to keep any other firemen from ever having to run into burning buildings to rescue Americans. God bless them all.

US Penalizes Chinese and North Korean Firms for Missile Aid to Iran

VOA News - US Penalizes Chinese and North Korean Firms for Missile Aid to Iran According to the Voice of America, we imposed sanctions against 4 Chinese interests and one North Korean state company for selling missiles or weapons of mass destruction technology to Iran. The issue of proliferation came up today in state Dept talks between US and Chinese diplomats. There was no public information about exactlly what technology was transferred to Iran. Unfortunately, all our sanctions do is keep the entities affected from doing business with our govt, and since they were not, the sanctions really have no effect other than to highlight that we know what is going on, and that we are NOT taking our eyes off the ball.

North Korea Investigates Anti Regime Activities, Searches For Defectors

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea This report in Chosunilbo looks to be a follow on to the report that we found a day or so ago concerning North Korea looking for defectors close to the China border. Looks like more pieces in the puzzle are coming to light and it looks as if the puzzle is becoming interactive:Today we find another article talking about wide spread efforts to round up defectors near paths to China such as Hoeryong and Musan. (That last info was from Sankei Shibum.) It appears that there are a good many North Koreans who have gone over and have been called back by their families, to keep the families themselves from being punished. All this news immediatley as the events are transpiring shows that North Korea is losing its grip on capping all information. A report to Kim suggests that the area around Hoeryong and Musan is bare, that the women have gone missing. Authorities have sent 15 officials from the Korea Workers Party Central Committee and 70 others from provincial and North Hamgyeong provincial KWP committee to the area to investigate until Dec. 15. It is also reported that a separate group, started Nov. 12 and continuing until Kim's birthday on Feb. 26, is to investigate anti-cultural and anti-government activities, according to the Sankei.

North Korea Says US Engaged In 190 Espionage Missions in November

Khaleej Times Online The official media of the DPRK accuses us of flying over 190 spy missions over North Korea in November. All I have to say is somebody in the pentagon is earning his salary if this is true! Maybe we even know how our good buddy Kim is faring after all his portraits have gone missing.

Pakistani Paper Told To Stop Publishing Al-Qaeda Comments

The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily A Pakistani newspaper was told to stop printing statements from Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. It appears that they have purported to have daily contact with the terrorists. The Pakistani govt said that these are known terrorists and they want to know HOW the paper is getting the reports. Also, the govt has indicated that Al-Qaeda may be funding the paper. The paper, on the other hand, said - just coincidently naturally - that it had just stopped publishing the Al-Qaeda comments some few days prior. NOW, if someone would just make that kind of connection with Al Jazeera and the terrorists, the world would become a much safer place! Without Al Jazeera, how would The Guardian, CNN, et al get their source hate-America-speak-talking-points for the day!

More Chemical caches found in Fallujah

Chemical caches found in Fallujah, US says. 30/11/2004. ABC News Online Last I heard you could not shoot anyone with cyanide. So, here is another intriging find. I suppose it will take a while for the military to put out a list of all they have found in Fallujah, but it should be chilling reading once it is out. Think Sadam got the cyanide under Oil For Fraud?

Rumsfeld Sued For War Crimes

The Command Post - Iraq So this is only Tuesday and the UN has told us we will have to go by Kerry's Global Test... Iran is laughing at everybody because they so royally played head games with the appeasers and (surprise, surprise) won...and now the Center for Constitutional Rights (started in Mississippi in the 60's for very differnt issues in a very different time) is suing Rumsfeld in Germany for War Crimes. I ask you, what will Wednesday be like!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The UN Revisited, Unfortunately

Captain's Quarters OK, this is it. I want us out.

A Hush Over Hollywood: SUPPORT H. ALI

Dhimmi Watch: A Hush Over Hollywood Hollywood does NOT weigh in for artistic freedom or freedom of speech...or freedom not to be assinated for one's beliefs if the subject matter might force one to accept that one's preconcieved knee-jerk libralism was wrong, and George Bush's policies on the Global War on Terror were right all along. Hollywood is mute on the subject of Van Gogh, and how it points out the need for all of us to watch the jihadists - lest we are subsumed by quiet ignorance into a state of dhimmitude. Dhimmi Watch says Pat Sajak "skewers Hollywood" in the accompanying article..Kudos to him, and four thumbs down to Hollywood. Support the new film that Ali has had the singular constitution to risk her life to make. Four thumbs up for Submission II by H. Ali!

Portuguese president decides to dissolve parliament

Portuguese president decides to dissolve parliament - Xinhuanet Ukraine-fever is catching? This may just be a flash and a re-adjustment after discussions and political manuevering/negotiations. We will have to watch it develop.

Ukraine opposition renews blockade and quits talks

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Ukraine opposition renews blockade and quits talks According to this article, Putin has said he will accept the outcome of new elections. If that is really true, maybe this can pass without bloodshed.

Sen. Coleman: Annan Should Resign - Politics - Sen. Coleman: Annan Should Resign Bravo! And hurray for Coleman and Fox News for pursuing the Oil for Fraud Scandal every step of the way.

Calling All Bloggers: Uncle Iran Does Not Want You! - They have done it now. Don't they realize what happened to Dan Rather? OK, unite for freeing the Iranian bloggers!!

North Korea Searches For Defectors...Near Chinese Border

YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS North Korea has a "massive manhunt" going on as defectors are sought. Our puzzle pieces continue to mount...One interesting note here is that NK is searching for defectors who have gone to China. Why not South Korea? One speculation about whatever is going on in North Korea, is that the Chinese government and Chinese influences are the ones primarily at work in the dismantling of Kim's regime. It follows that if that is so and if a Chinese backed strong man takes over North Korea, we actually may be worse off, instead of better off - even with Kim's being gone because that would give China effective control of the region on both sides of the sea. Of course we don't know right now, but it is interesting that the defectors that North Korea admits looking for are the ones over that particular border.

Stalemate sends Ukraine back to brink

The Scotsman - International - Stalemate sends Ukraine back to brink Not only has Yanukovych's offer of Prime Minister been rejected, but the opposition forces have broken off talks and issues new demands: Dismissal of the Central Election COmmission and the formation of a new government of "People's Truth." The currency issure is still very worrying as are some paramilitary units starting to show up in the streets. We will track this over the next few hours. It looks as if events have reached a point where either someone has to give..and to give in a really big way...or the country itself is really in danger. My sense from Moscow is that they would prefer half a country to none, if that can be accomplished without all hell breaking loose on the international stage.

Those who shirk jihad...from MEMRI

MEMRI: Latest News MEMRI a terrific source, as usual gives us this interesting letter from a Saudi Jihadist, promoting jihad naturally. It is an amazing document, really. Read it carefully. Knowing the enemy is valuable...besides, it is peculiar to read that one of the horrible fates "if you shirk jihad" is that you are "like a woman." You can also find out in the letter all about how if one assists the "infidels" (us), one is no longer a muslim. And you can be enlightened by the ubiquitous Koranic verses quoted - that sanction jihad,of course. Disgusting.

Current Prime Minister Says New Elections OK ...IF they do not run!

Focus English News Does this mean...he thinks it is OK to have new elections as long as he and Yuschenko do not run??? What is going on? And just a minute ago, he said he was definitely going to be pres.

Yanukovych to Yushchenko:You can be Prime Minister. I will be President

Focus English News Yanukovych Has Offered Yushchenko The Post Of Prime Minister 30 November 2004 | 10:55 | FOCUS News Agency Kiev. Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych nas announced that his victory at the controversial presidential elections is assured, and he offers the post of a Prime Minister to his opponent Victor Yushchenko, AFP reported.


YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS North Korean defectors are setting up an anti communist government in exile!!

North Korea Accuses US of Undermining Regime

YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS NK says we are secretly using diplomatic gestures to undermine its regime. It says we are using the human rights issue, but does not say exactly how. It also is upset that we are secretly preparing to send in alot of small radios....! Well, if they are correct, yea for us!!

Bomb Threat in Moscow

Focus English News Bomb threat at City Court. People are being evacuated according to report. No further info.

Hassan Rohani to World: Forget It

Focus English News OK. Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Husani, said "Iran will never give up uranium enrichment. Iran will continue its nuclear development." So, what exactly are the Euros talking about?

Eastern Ukraine to Hold Ref on Autonomy

The Russia Journal Daily::Russian News Ticker A referendum on breaking away from the Ukraine is slated to be held in the Donetsk region on December 5th. The aim is to make Donetsk an independant republic inside the Ukrainian state.

- Ukraine opposition wants gov't to be dismissed

The Russia Journal Daily::World/CIS - Ukraine opposition wants gov't to be dismissed Yuchenko is requesting that the Govt. be dismissed, including the Cabinet and the General Prosecutor. He says this action will help things right themselves, that the govt in power has taken the country into a "financial and currency crisis."

Crimea Says Yes to Yanukovych

Interfax > Politics The Parliament of Crimea (there is one?) held an extradorinary session last night. They have stated support for the elections in the Ukraine as being legitimate and recognized Yanukovych as the winner...for what its worth!

Ukraine opposition seeks no-confidence vote Ukraine opposition seeks no-confidence vote They are seeking the no confidence vote today...According to Breaking News, in Luhansk "several dozen Yanukovych supporters armed with brass knuckles and hammers beat about 70 Yuschenko supporters who gathered nearby."

EU Allows Syria to Join Trade Group

World Page The EU is going to let Syrai become a member of its Mediterranean Partnership, a trade group, in spite of issues concerning Syria's WMD. At first, it appeared that Syria would have to DO something about the WMD situation, but now it appears that everything is hunky dory. Why? No reason given.

Socialism Gets Bad Grades in France

A chill wind of reform blows in France after a government report reveals dire economic straits. Sarkozy, sounding like a Republican to me, is ready to take the report and run with it, while Chirac-style people want to dodge it. Nevertheless, the report exists, the French people know it, and Sarkozky is on the upswing.

Terrorism Trumps Privacy For Accused Murderer in the Netherlands

In a landmark decision, Dutch authorities have decided it is in the public's interest to show the face of an accused on television. Mohammed B, who is thought to have killed Van Gogh in a terrorist act, is to have his face and name broadcast on Dutch TV Monday night, in hopes that people will be able better to identify him (and his associates) and call in with information to Crime Stoppers. This decision was not without controversy. Some lawyers are up in arms, but the government believes the threat of terror trumps Mohammed's privacy concerns. Sound familiar? Good for the Dutch.

Crime Stopper Goes Arabic

The Dutch "crime stopper" telephone service has hired Arab interpreters. Hundreds of tips have come in since Van Gogh was murdered. With the initiation Monday of the Arab linguists, the Dutch hope to be able better to understand the called-in information.

Ali is well, Giving Interview, Making Sequel to Submission!

In Hirsi Ali's first interview since Van Gogh's murder, she says that she is making a follow up to Submission: Submission - PartII. (Gutsy lady!) Ali intends to show how Islam oppresses people, focussing on the position of women in Islamic society.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Captain's Quarters..Statement from the UN...A terrorist is a terrorist..

Captain's Quarters The UN is finally going to address terrorism, or what "is" is. According to the article at Captains Quarters, a panel of "wise men" decided that people who kill civilians are actually terrorists. Yes, alarming, isn't it? Do you think the ACLU knows this? Do you think the Palestineans know this? Do you think the appeasing French know this? et al? Well, it will be a grand day if and when the UN ratifies this thought. Now, why did our old buddy Annan choose this time to assert himself on the correct side of the terrorism issue? Me thinks he has protested WAY too much, WAY too often to be a sincere person, just slow in coming to see the error of his ways. No. I think he is worried about his position at the UN and I think he just might end up being worried about a court of law. As for this statement from the "wise men" that is supposed to come out Thursday, it is about time! Ah, I almost forgot: The UN actually plans, with its new understanding of the word "terrorist," to come out publicly and say that terrorism is not a very nice thing. In fact, they are going to label it a bad thing. Gee, what mavins of courage and intellect. Can you believe it is this long after 9/11 and the UN is just now getting around to addressing the problem! Not to worry, though, there is no gaurantee that the assembly will accept the "wise men's" thoughts. I think I sound jaded...and cynical. I am not. I just really do not believe that the UN is a useful body anymore, at least not in its present form and with its present agenda.

Ukraine court to rule on election 'rigging'

Ukraine court to rule on election 'rigging' A Supreme Court spokesperson in the Ukraine says that the court's ruling could be as little as a few hours or as much as two days away...It all depends on how many witnesses the two sides present. So, this may be close to being over...or not!

Human chain formed around govt. bldg.

Focus English News Opposition forms a human chain around the govt. building and says it will not let anyone in except Yuschenko. Also, a German newscrew was accosted in the same area.

Iran: Just For Fun

Interfax > Politics OH....OOOKKKKK!!!! LOL.ROLF!!!....

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile amid peace moves with India

Yahoo! News - Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile amid peace moves with India Well, that was fast! I posted that they were going to test-fire soon...I just did not think it would be within an hour or so of when I posted it! Anyway, it looks like the article agrees with what I thought earlier: The test was done to placate hawks inside Pakistan and not because Musharif is itching for a real fight outside the country.

The Quran Rules the World...A tale of Jihad..bin Laden et al

K U W A I T T I M E S . N E T This reading comes under the "Know your enemy" category. Better read it because a live dhimmi is still a dhimmi, until he isn't alive anymore. Unpleasant analysis, with some twists..ala Zaqawi the media star...but all in all, it needs to be read..and not forgotten.

Germany and the Changing Face of Immigration and Cultural Standards

CBS 2 - New York News: World Wire: Yesterday we had an item on France and its new approach to immigration, today it is Germany. As we have noted before, Germans - Europeans in general - have been semi-awakened to the War on Terror via the assasination of Van Gogh. Germany is home to over 3 million muslims and Germany is worried about its immigrant population. Schroeder to immigrants: "Learn German. Fit in. Commit to democratic rules." Seeing that trouble is looming, the Germans are trying to head it off; on Jan. 1st. there will be a change in the law that will make it easier for authorities to deport Islamic clerics who preach hate. In addition, immigrants and their children are going to be made to take German language and civics courses. Sounds good to me!l

NKorea in secret hunt for missing son of top military brass...STILL

NKorea in secret hunt for missing son of top military brass here is that puzzle piece popping up again today. Guess they still have not found Oh-See Wook. A bit more information is out about his father. It seems that he is not only a "top general," but is a close confidant of Kim, in charge of military ops- including secret missions and assinations overseas....Hope they do not find Wook.

Official Says Pakistan Soon to Test-Fire a Nuclear Capable Missle

Khaleej Times Online Pakistan is said to be ready to test a nuclear capable missle sometime in the next few days. The technology is reputedly from China or North Korea. This latest test comes as the tensions between Pakistan and India seem to be thawing, instead of heating up. On the other hand, a group of Islamists have called for Mushariff to step down so perhaps this is an internal politically timed move - the second test in a brief span of time.

Jordan's brother seeks deployment to Iraq

Jordan's brother seeks deployment to Iraq | The Arizona Daily Star �Army Command Sgt. Maj. James R. Jordan, Michael Jordan's brother, does himself proud. He is staying in Iraq beyond his retirement date because "We are currently at war"..."We are doing things and it requires leaders to do certain things. That's what I am,a leader." Hurrah for him ...and his band of brothers...and God bless all of them.

Iranian Group Canvasses for Suicide Bombers to Attack Americans in Iraq

Nation / World News | Independent Record This report is an indictment of Iran. The distancing of the government from the group itself is very similar to the distancing of Michael Moore and the Democratic Party's efforts in the election...

ITAR-TASS...Senator Lugar, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee weighs in on Ukraine

ITAR-TASS\Senator Richard Lugar calls for a re-run of the elections, without absentee ballots...

Russian Information Agency Novosti...The Battle is Joined

Russian Information Agency Novosti And now this from the eastern part of the Ukraine. It sounds as if violence may end up taking the day unless someone blinks.

Russia Attends ASEAN Summit

ITAR-TASS Now isn't this cute...hmmm.

Ultimatum Given to Kuchma

ITAR-TASS Things seem to be moving to an ever increasing chresendo in the Ukraine. According to TASS: KIEV, November 29 (Itar-Tass) - Yulia Timoshenko, the closest ally of Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, announced four ultimatum demands to President Leonid Kuchma in central Kiev on Sunday evening. Timoshenko said that the Committee for National Salvation had adopted an ultimatum address to President Kuchma urging him to dismiss Prime Minister Viktor Ynukovich for assistancae in mass election fraud, submit proposals on a new line-up of the Central Electoral Commission, relieve the administration heads of the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions of their duties and order the chief prosecutor and the Security Service chief to initiate criminal proceedings against “separatists” who want to split Ukraine. Timoshenko emphasized that the current crisis in Ukraine was in the hands of President Leonid Kuchma. She added that the Ukrainian president would not succeed in assuming the role of a peace broker between Yushchenko and Yanukovich because he is holding the clue for settling the crisis in his hands. Kuchma is given 24 hours to meet these ultimatum demands. “Otherwise, it’s going to be a crime against people and there will be consequences provided for by the Ukrainian criminal code,” Timoshenko went on to say. “If Kuchma doesn’t meet these demands in 24 hours, we will start blocking his movements in the Ukrainian territory,” Timoshenko stressed. She also said that people’s deputies, who are members of the National Salvation Committee, would demand holding another extraordinary session at 17:00 Moscow time on Monday. The meeting held on November 27 showed that a new majority had been formed in parliament. It will be offered to pass resolutions expressing non-confidence in Viktor Yanukovich and containing demands for his resignation as well as demands for dismissal of chief prosecutor Gennady Vasilyev and the formation of a popular trust coalition government. Timoshenko noted that if parliament passed those decisions, they would be legitimate actions.

Beslan: Foreign Intelligence Agency From What Country?

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event A foreign intelligence agency may have been involved in the massacre at Beslan. Russian officials say that when the necessary evidence is in, the facts will be made public. This could prove most interesting...

Pacs, Uh, Pacts Being Made in SE Asia

Khaleej Times Online In their summit on Monday, southeast Asian representatives made what is being termed "a visionary" trade pact to rival that of the Americas- European trade block. On Monday they completed their pacts with China and India. More is on the plate for Tuesday. China's FTA agreement, removing all tariffs by 2010, is part of a larger Master Plan. A draft of the ASEAN-China declaration is to be signed later today. The ASEAN members are Brunei, Myanmar, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos. It is also expected that the 10 nations will sign an anti terrorism pact with Japan.

Hamas May Play Kubaya For 10 Years...Really...Maybe...We Can Hope?!

Haaretz - Israel News - Article I suppose in the upside-down world of the Middle East, it is a positive event when Hamas' Sheik Yusaf says that he will consider a truce for 10 years. I guess on the first day of the 11th. year, all hell can legally break out and multitudes of people can expect to have suicide bombers "venting" with all their repressed emotions over ten years. On the other hand, maybe they could just live long enough to grow up, have families, and decide that being fathers who are alive is better than being terrorists who are dead! So, maybe this is a good thing.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Rival For Chirac Two and a half more years! Two and a half more years! I don't know anything about Sarcozy except what is in this article. His ascendency, however, has made me smile for now. Most anything that negatively effects Chirac's political standing, and perhaps even his tenure, certainly deserves a second look. So, here is to the smile on Sarcozy's face!

North Korea Playing For Dollars

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea Kim clandestinely flirts with capitalism!

North Korea Labels President Ignorant

YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS The Korean Central Broadcasting Service has called the President an "incorrigible ignoramus." Now, since they don't really tell the truth, thus don't mean what they say, I suppose we can take that as a back-handed compliment to President Bush...meaning he is surely smart enough to get under their skin. Good.

North Korea Says Talk About Kim's Missing Pictures is Psy Warfare Staged be US

YONHAPNEWS WORLD SERVICE::ENGLISH NEWS I know we saw the picture there, and I know we saw the picture missing...

North Korea Looks For Top General's Son: May Have Defected


Car Blast in Baghdad

Focus English News Initial reports say three of Minister of Sports and Tourism's security guards injured.

Christian Churches to Unify, Consolidate Against Secular Threats

The Victoria Advocate Threats and pressures of secular culture is pressuring many denominations to let go of old differences, seeking unity in basic Christian principles...

Pentagon Looking For A Few Good Countries! The Pentagon is surveying sites, and redeploying our forces where they can be used more effectively in the War on Terror. Sounds like good minds are at work ..

Immigration Laws and the NEW France!

Khaleej Times Online You are not going to believe this! Or maybe you are!! See how un-ACLU-ish, how SO not politically correct France's changing immigration laws are!! The pompous prigs are so double-faced! Read on and enjoy...Integration into French Culture...Oh, my...One would almost think the French are approaching reality!

No Guts, No Glory, No Peace

MSNBC - No Guts, No Glory, No Peace For once an encouraging article out of the Middle East. Both Sharon and Abbas say they are sticking to the Roadmap. There actually may be hope here. Is there some wood to knock on...and quick!

Opposition signs all final protocols: Tass

ITAR-TASS Tass says that the opposition signed all 225 protocols on the 2nd. round...

North Korean Nuclear Power Plant Suspended

ANN Nuclear power plant in North Korea suspended for yet another year because of North Korea's failure to come clean.

Haarder calls for modern version of Islam

DR Nyheder Online - English - Haarder calls for modern version of Islam Good call. Let us hope for the Netherlands, and indeed for all of us, that the call reaches alot of ears.

Dutch Film on Radicalism Wins Prize

Yahoo! News - Dutch Film on Radicalism Wins Prize Hurrah for the Dutch!

US Builds Military Base in Afghanistan, Close to Iranian Border

Daily Times - Site Edition The US Govt. is building a military base in Afghanistan close to Iran. The Afghans say that the base in Ghorian is for Afghan Army training. Others, who are quick to see the proximity to Iran, are wondering about why the base is posited so close to the Iranian border. The govt. has been working on the base for some time and it is not finished. However, the report does not state at what stage of completion we find the base at present. Considering Iran's latest antics concerning both Iraqi interference and nuclear ambitions, it is nice to find that someone on our side had a nice bit of forethought!

Abazaid Stands Firm on US Military Prowess: Iran Should Think Twice

Bahrain Tribune Daily Newspaper, Bahrain In Doha, Gen. Abazaid said that no country should underestimate the United States' military power - in answer to a general question concerning whether we have adequate forces to head off Iran if we need to. Using Fallujah as an example, he said, "And so we can generate more military power per square inch than any military on earth, and everybody knows it." A pretty clear signal for Iran to stop and think.

Iran a No-Go for Diplomatic Solution at Present

Bahrain Tribune Daily Newspaper, Bahrain Diplomats say deal is off with Iran. Now Iran is facing much harder decision...and perhaps much harsher language and UN actions.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Kim Jong-il's Brother-in-law Purged!!!

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About Korea THIS MIST BE PART OF THE PUZZLE PIECES WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PUT TOGETHER!!!

Ukraine faces partition, pro-Russian forces warn

The Globe and Mail: Ukraine faces partition, pro-Russian forces warn This has been the rumor for a while now; so, it deserves a post..

Repeat Of Election Likely In Ukraine

Repeat Of Election Likely In Ukraine: From The Tampa Tribune If things settle down a little, then a new vote could be a peaceful answer. Russia is seeming to change its hardline position about the possibility of another vote...

Russia's New Imperialism Some thoughts on background and sea change in Ukraine..

Kiev ministries blockaded as protests swell

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Kiev ministries blockaded as protests swell Talks over, tactics have changed. Yuschenko crowd swells, vows to stay until the old Soviet regime is gone...a different debate has started.

Kyiv Post. Breaking news Yushinko's Parallel Govt

Kyiv Post. Breaking news Statement follows..

Tarassuk says Russian Troops Planning to "eliminate" the Democratic Opposition | Russian troops 'on hand in Ukraine' (November 26, 2004) President of Ukraine's parlimentary Foreign Affairs commission,Tarassuk, says that Russian troops have been flown into Kiev. He asserts they are "plotting an operation to physically eliminate" the democratic opposition, having put on Ukranian uniforms and posing are armed with sub-machine guns.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Al Qaida Calling For Aid In Light of US/Afghan Success!

Bahrain Tribune Daily Newspaper, Bahrain Al Qaida is calling for aid in Afghanistan as the terrorists are calling for back-up in Iraq! Sounds like the "good guys" have been doing a GOOD job! May God continue to bless America.

News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK..OR News From the Dark Side That Just Might Not be so Bad!

News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK This says to me that they are being flooded with transisters, micro tvs(?), etc.(?)..! If they are saying we are losing at giving their people plugins to the world, then just maybe we are winning!

BBC NEWS | UK | Ukraine state TV in revolt

BBC NEWS | UK | Ukraine state TV in revolt msm unplugged! This is going to go all the way!

Jihad Watch: Yemen Frees 113 Al Qaeda Members

Jihad Watch: Yemen Frees 113 Al Qaeda Members I would not exactly call this a good sign. It is as if Yemen is sending "A Jihadi Coming Soon to Your TV" card to all of us. Thanks. Maybe we should respond with "An ICBM Visiting Your Local Neighborhood" card in return. Sounds fair to me. Seriously, I hope the CIA, such as it is, is following these guys!!!

Conservative, Liberal Lawyers Resume Christmas Clashes -- Merry Christmas Alert!

Conservative, Liberal Lawyers Resume Christmas Clashes -- 11/25/2004 Support our trees!

Liberals vow to fight Gonzales nomination - Blogging Time

Liberals vow to fight Gonzales nomination - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - November 26, 2004 OK, fellow Red-State-of-Minders, they are throwing down the gauntlet. It's Blogging Time! Get ready to email congress!!!

Words from Schroeder to Muslims: No Parallel Culture

Concern over muslim community continues to grow in Europe...

Waiting for Allawii's Response

Haaretz - Israel News - Article Head of New Democratic party in Iraq, Mithal Alusi, went to Israel concerning reproachment. His visit ends one party, starts another. After submitting a report to the Iraqi Pres, Slusi waits for a response as his party gathers amalgum of members and influences. Eye to be kept on this one.

Baghdad Bob Should Have Studied the French Media! Apparant Lies Continue to Spin and Inflame Arab Media - French Public TV and the Perpetuation of a Scandal (938744) - Read article: Mohamed Al Dura. We may need to know the name..and most certainly the background story! From 9/11 to Daniel Perl, his image has ignited wrath against the west...

Murder on the Web: Muslim Terrorist Call for Politicians' Deaths..Sound like The Netherlands? No. THis time it is ..Thailand Website for Muslim group offers bounty for killing Thai officials. Can we assume that this is one of the reasons that Thailand does not want Muslim Terrorism brought up in meeting. (Ref post below.) OK, this is not about the Dutch..Are we blind, or do we see a pattern here?

Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Programs Perhaps Nearing... 6 nation talks possible in mid least for now. This article comes after a solictude for "urgent" talks was put forth.

ASCEAN Partners Want to Talk Openly about Muslim Terrorism: Thailand Balks Speak no evil! Maylasia urges Thailand to speak out about the growing terrorist threat. In the last year 550 have lost their lives in a heavily muslim area of southern Thailand.Thai Prime Minister stated that if the subject is raised at the meeting, he will fly home.

Journalists Without Borders on North Korea

OhmyNews International I came across this when trying to find out more current news on North Korea. Definately worth reading!

Muslim Hate-Speak Imam (Netherlands) in Hiding After Inflammatory Remarks

If you go around publicly hoping for someone's death, Geert Wilders to be specific, it is reasonable to expect that people just might have some feelings of their own on the subject. Furthermore, equating one of a country's most popular figures with Osama bin Laden is not exactly a smart pr move. And so the Netherlands story continues to unfold...

Ukraine Opposition Proposes Force to Oversee Planned National Strike� � ��

VOA News - Ukraine Opposition Proposes Force to Oversee Planned National Strike� � �� Lech Walesa stands by Yuschenko in growing move to stand against govt. No violence so far.

IAEA: Confidence in Iran's Nuclear Program Has Eroded

VOA News - IAEA: Confidence in Iran's Nuclear Program Has Eroded We thought it was going down this road. The group backbone seems to have stiffened just a tad over the last few days.

Hate-Speak Expands: Al Jazeera to Compete With CNN BBC in Malasia Al Jazeera to reach out and touch someone in English... Country welcomes Al Jazeera's LESS BIASED news!!!

1m Christians sign EU religion plea

Telegraph | News | 1m Christians sign EU religion plea Europe's Christians find their voice...and FRANCE blocks them!

More on BLix and Chem Labs

The Command Post - Iraq Blix is not impressed. Chem labs multiple articles at Command Post for comprehensive report

Blix plays down chemical laboratory claims.

Blix plays down chemical laboratory claims. 26/11/2004. ABC News Online Hope this turns out to be the beginning of figuring out with what they did with the marterial...As to Blix, it would be lovely to see him have to eat his smirks!